Prefab Poultry Farm Building Made in China

  • Prefab light steel structure poultry house is the best choice for your poultry farm!

    Why choose steel structure Poultry Farm House?

    1. Shorter construction time: Compared with the traditional concrete house, the construction period for steel structure Poultry Farm House is at least 1/3 shorter. All the steel parts are connected by bolt, very easy to operate.

    2. Easy to move: if the poultry farm need to be moved due to land or other reason, the prefab building is easy to take apart and reassemble. It can save client鈥檚 cost.

    3. Reduce foundation cost: The requirement of light steel structure Poultry Farm House on foundation load is much simple than traditional concrete house, which can greatly reduce foundation cost.

    4. Long service life time: The prefab poultry house lifetime can reach 20 years, which is similar to concrete brick house.

    5. Good strength: the strength of prefab poultry house is very good, can resist level 7earthquake and level 9 wind.

    Prefab poultry house main material details

    The main steel frame is made by Q235 or Q345 H type or C type steel beam and column, surface treatment is galvanized/painted according to client鈥檚 situation.

    The roof is by EPS sandwich/ Fiber glass / rockwool steel panel. The roof purlin is generally by C type hot dipped galvanized beam

    The wall is by sandwich / fiber glass / rockwool steel panel, the wall purlin is generally by C type hot dipped galvanized beam

    The door and window is made by plastic steel or aluminium alloy with seal material.

    The ceiling(optional) is made by steel color plate.

    The automatic curtain system(optional) is used for serious temperature, wind or sand situation.

    The wire(generally used for open side house) is made by galvanized steel wire, rust proof,

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